Sunday, 29 June 2014

Separation of church and state

Soul Search 2013 is a blog about churchgoing in 2013. We're now half way through 2014 and I am no longer posting regularly, although I still allow comments as they arise. However, I have had to delete a number of comments relating to the Scottish independence referendum. This isn't the place for them. There are plenty of other people blogging about the referendum, so please take your comments elsewhere. Thank you, kind readers.


  1. Well Said Soul Searcher

  2. Glad to see Soul Searcher HAS NOT retired COMPLETELY LOL

  3. I wonder what soul searcher is doing now that she is no longer blogging on a full-time basis?

  4. Obviously Soul Searcher in Edinburgh has gone on to pastures new. I wonder what they are?

  5. I'm sorry that i've only recently discovered your blog - theres some interesting reading here and food for thought for christians, agnostics, athiests (the list of definitions is endless!).
    I can understand why you've reached this point in your religious life - all i can offer is my own experience over the last 2 years since your experiment.
    The friction within the Church of Scotland is well known and unfortunately my church was badly affected as our minister became fixated on the matter. After leaving last year (along with a couple of members) our church has rebuilt and is now finalising the appointment of a new minister. If anything, the experience while difficult and upsetting has brought us closer as a church and made me look at my faith in a more realistic way.
    As your visits to Church of Scotland churches were during the "issue", maybe a visit now would be of interest? I can only offer the experience of my church - we are more united, positive and driven than before and the past year has been a much needed breath of fresh air.